Lionshares is a volunteer program that seeks to provide opportunities for employees within the Lionsgate family to partner with a diverse range of charitable organizations.  The program not only enriches the Lionsgate work experience through cultural and educational outreach, but also positively interacts and invests in the local and global community.

Since its founding in August 2012, Lionshares has formed corporate partnerships with over 20 different organizations throughout the community. A few notable organizations include: Amanda Foundation, American Cancer Society, Ballona Wetlands, Boys and Girls Club of Santa Monica, Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Eastwind Community Garden, Found Animal Adopt & Shop, GRID Alternatives, Habitat for Humanity, Heal the Bay, Junior Achievement of Southern California, Kitten Rescue, The Lange Foundation, My Friends Place, NKLA/Best Friends (West LA), Ronald McDonald House, Salvation Army, St. Joseph Center, Sunrise Senior Living, Tree People, Wattles Farm Community Garden, and Westside Food Bank.

On June 14th, 2013, Lionshares held its inaugural “Impact Day,” the first ever company-wide volunteer day.  Nearly 400 Lionsgate employees participated, volunteering at various foundations and organizations in the greater Los Angeles community.  Since then, Impact Day has grown to include nearly 600 employees who volunteer at over 20 organizations and foundations.

Lionshares is open to all Lionsgate employees.  For more information on Lionshares, Impact Day or any other events, please contact



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MPTF Reel Stories Real Lives Event April 25th, 2015
  • LIONSHARES volunteers attended the 4th Annual Reel Stories, Real Lives event at MILK studios Hollywood on Saturday benefiting the Motion Picture & Television Fund. The event is dedicated to recognizing the next generation of entertainment industry leaders

  • LIONSHARES volunteers pose for a group picture on the red carpet. As members of the next generation of entertainment industry leaders, LIONSHARES volunteers were in full force in support of the MPTF at this grandiose event.

Special Olympics World Games Lionshares Meeting February 18th, 2015
  • LIONSHARES has been hard at work recruiting volunteers and planning for the Special Olympics World Games. Much was discussed at the last meeting and we are excited to play a role in planning this event!

  • With the Circle of Inclusion making a special guest appearance at the meeting, LIONSHARES volunteers were ecstatic to pose for pictures with the esteemed visitor. Here, a volunteer becomes one with the Circle.

  • A LIONSHARES volunteer displays extraordinary strength as he lifts the Circle of Inclusion up in triumph.

  • Two LIONSHARES volunteers exhibit the type of teamwork it'll take to hold up the Circle of Inclusion and also the collaboration required to make the event a success.

  • These two LIONSHARES volunteers used poses that will be very common when all the contestants cross the finish line at the World Games.

  • This LIONSHARES volunteer is all smiles with the Circle, proud and happy to be part of the spectacle that is the World Games.

  • With this level of excitement, this LIONSHARES volunteer is ready to work with her teammates and the organizations to put on an event that people will remember forever.

Special Olympics World Games Mixer January 8, 2015
  • This coming summer, LIONSHARES is proud to partner with the city of L.A., who will be hosting its biggest event since the 1984 Olympics - the 2015 Special Olympics World Games.

  • A group of LIONSHARES volunteers pose with the Special Olympics logos. Over 7,000 athletes from 177 countries and 30,000 volunteers will come together for the world's largest sports and humanitarian gathering.

  • Rob Friedman, Co-Chair of the LG Motion Picture Group and the Chairman of the World Games LA2015 Board of Directors gives a rousing speech to pump up LIONSHARES volunteers and World Games staff as they plan for the upcoming spectacle.

  • Another group of LIONSHARES volunteers gather together to take a group picture with the Special Olympics logos.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers and World Games Staff mix and mingle with one another, learning about how they can help make the event a huge success.

MPTF Valentine's Day Event February 14, 2015
  • LIONSHARES was happy to partner up with the Motion Picture & Television Fund (MPTF) again to put together the annual Valentine's Day event and support former professionals of the entertainment industry.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers got to mix and mingle with former industry professionals and helped with heading activities, providing drink and food tables, and setting/cleaning up the event.

  • Bingo was a huge hit with all the residents at MPTF. Here, a resident only needs 1 more kiss to complete 5 in a row!

  • One lucky MPTF resident receives blown kisses from four lovely LIONSHARES ladies.

  • Nobody's Valentine's Day would be complete without indulging in some delicious sweets.

  • A group of LIONSHARES volunteers pose with an MPTF volunteer and show off their gift bags.

  • Another year, and another wildly successful Valentine's Day event with LIONSHARES and MPTF. Looking forward to next year!

CHLA North Pole & Gift Wrapping December 13, 2014
  • Continuing on with our Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) partnership for the month of December, a group of LIONSHARES volunteers visited CHLA to help build a house for the kids and wrapped presents.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers worked together to decorate a new house in the North Pole.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers gave the elves a breather as they wrapped gifts for the patients in the assembly line.

  • Santa is ecstatic to welcome this new housing development into the North Pole!

  • LIONSHARES volunteers pose for a final team picture, happy to have participated again in assisting CHLA with spreading the holiday cheer.

CHLA Outreach Calls November 20, 2014
  • LIONSHARES volunteers gather on a cold fall night to call Children's Hospital of Los Angeles families to gather information about their holiday needs.

  • CHLA is a nonprofit hospital that depends on generous donations to help heal children in an environment that lets them thrive. More than 104,000 sick children come to CHLA for care each year.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers share some tips with one another on the best way to reach out and get as much information as possible from Los Angeles families' holiday needs.

  • A LIONSHARES volunteer meticulously takes notes when on the call with a CHLA family.

OPCC: Warmth for the Winter November 21, 2014
  • LIONSHARES is working with our neighbors at OPCC to ensure the homeless community has clothing and blankets this winter.

  • The Ocean Park Community Center (OPCC) is an independent community-supported organization in which staff, volunteers, and clients work together to address effects of poverty, abuse, neglect, and discrimination.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers gathered together on Friday, November 21 to sew blankets to help make sure that the homeless community has blankets for the winter.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers worked as a team to ensure that the blankets looked perfect for OPCC.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers discuss the best plan of action to ensure that the patterns on each blanket look perfect.

  • In the spirit of Christmas, creating a green blanket was a must.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers pose with their finished products, ready to deliver them to OPCC to help the homeless stay warm during the winter.

Clean Trails Park Clean Up November 22, 2014
  • LIONSHARES announces its arrival at Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Park, where they assisted Clean Trails with litter clean up. Clean Trails aims to eliminated waste on all trails on public lands throughout the US.

  • Two LIONSHARES volunteers share a befuddled look as they find the strangest litter in the park.

My Friend's Place Beautification Projects November 15, 2014
  • LIONSHARES partnered up with My Friends Place again to assist with several on-site beautification projects. Such projects included clothing closet organization and cleaning spaces around the facilities.

  • Three lovely LIONSHARES volunteers take a break from their beautification projects to pose for a picture at the My Friends Place facilities.

30th Annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles October 2014
  • LIONSHARES was proud to participate in the 30th Annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles on October 12, 2014. LIONSHARES volunteers joined over 25,000 participants and helped raise nearly $2.3 million!

  • LIONSHARES volunteers pose at the finish line of the 10K walk, proud to have been a part of this amazing event.

  • Two lovely volunteers repping LIONSHARES make a stellar debut on the local news!

  • The 30th Annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles provided our LIONSHARES volunteers with a fun day for the whole family.

Nautica Malibu Triathlon 2014
  • LIONSHARES volunteers and Triathletes participated in the annual Nautica Malibu Triathlon at Zuma Beach. The Lionsgate team was proud to raise over $50,000 to support the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.

  • Triathletes and volunteers partake in friendly banter and conversation as they eagerly await the start of the race.

  • Triathletes take a break from worrying about the race to pose for a picture with their fellow teammates.

  • Lionsgate announces its arrival as the ultimate contender with a new tent that rivals the likes of all the other studios who also participated in the Triathlon.

  • The only thing that Triathletes picture when they're racing: the finish line!

Impact Day 2014
  • A LIONSHARES volunteer poses with one of his new friends when helping out at the Amanda Foundation. The Amanda Foundation has been rescuing and placing homeless animals since 1976.

  • Another LIONSHARES volunteer poses with one of her new friends at the Amanda Foundation. Volunteers helped walk dogs, socialize with cats, clean the facility, and groom the animals.

  • The Amanda Foundation LIONSHARES crew, elated after getting to assist the organization again on Impact Day 2014.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers help unpack games and toys for the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. CHLA provides pediatric health care for more than 104,000 children a year.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers devise an assembly line that allows them to efficiently unpack all the toys for CHLA.

  • The CHLA crew! Volunteers led a time of arts & crafts with the kids among a myriad of other programs.

  • The Coeur d'Alene Elementary School LIONSHARES team! Volunteers worked with the school staff and PTA to beautify the garden and clean classrooms.

  • A LIONSHARES volunteer helps lay down the foundation for a new home. Today, Habitat for Humanity has helped to build or repair over 800,000 houses.

  • Volunteers stop to pose for a photo as they look over the blueprints for constructing a new house. Habitat for Humanity has served more than 4 million people worldwide.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers were happy to help out Habitat for Humanity again on Impact Day 2014.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers say NO MORE STRAWS! Volunteers picked up a variety of trash items as they walked through the beach.

  • The Heal The Bay LIONSHARES crew takes a photo at the end of their trek. Over 61 pounds of trash were collected as LIONSHARES joined forces with Heal The Bay again to help clean up the beach.

  • The Junior Achievement of Southern California LIONSHARES team! LIONSHARES volunteers took a 1 hour training session and then co-taught in a classroom, empowering young people to own their own economic success and stay in school.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers who partnered with Tree People take a break from pulling weeds, watering, spreading mulch, and helping trees grow straight. TreePeople is an environmental nonprofit that helps nature heal our cities.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers take a team photo after a long day's of working with trees in the sun.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers were proud to partner with the LA Community Garden Council and work at Wattles Farm. Wattles Farm has been serving local individuals who enjoy getting their hands dirty, growing their own food, etc. since 1975.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers helped to weed, harvest, tree-prune, build new raised beds, and do other basic carpentry and gardening tasks.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers visited the Inner-City Arts organization and assisted with creating a set and props for their Summer Camp.

  • The finished product of the theater design for the kids at Inner-City Arts! Inner-City Arts provides elementary, middle and high school students in LA's poorest neighborhoods with tools and skills needed to succeed academically and personally.

  • The Lionsgate New York office joined in on the fun and spent the day at the Human Society with the adoption animals.

Young Variety Hollygrove October 18, 2014
  • Lionshares volunteers pose in their costumes while attending the 6th Annual Hollygrove Halloween.

  • Since 1941 Variety of Southern California has raised over $60 million to help the children of Southern California. Young Variety focuses around social awareness through various social outings.

  • Lionshares volunteers participated in carnival games, prizes, mask making, and other activities to help inspire hope, enrich lives, and build a better future for the children of Southern California.

  • A Lionshares volunteers shows off his finished product by scaring the photographer.

K.A.M.P. May 18, 2014
  • LIONSHARES is proud to volunteer again at the Hammer Museum's 5th Annual "K.A.M.P.", the Kids' Art Museum Project. Painters, sculptors, architects and creative types of all kinds led inventive hands-on workshops for children of all ages.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers were just as excited as the children to participate in the workshops at K.A.M.P.

  • A group of LIONSHARES volunteers proudly representing LIONSHARES as they assist the Hammer Museum with the event.

  • The finished products from one of the many inventive hands-on workshops provided by participating artists!

  • One of the many unique works of art on display for K.A.M.P. at the Hammer Museum!

826LA Mar Vista Volunteer Of The Month: Allison Lynch
  • Congratulations to our LIONSHARES volunteer, Allison Lynch, for being honored as an 826LA Mar Vista Volunteer Of The Month! Allison learned about 826LA through LIONSHARES and couldn't wait to get involved.

  • Allison working with Habitat for Humanity on LIONSHARE's inaugural Impact Day in 2013. Allison currently volunteers at 826LA's Barnacle's Bookworms on Saturday mornings and she loves spending time with her reading buddy, Germany.

  • Allison participating in the Los Angeles 2013 Aids Walk. Allison loves working with Germany on Saturday mornings and is grateful for the volunteer opportunities that LIONSHARES has presented to her.

Chap Sven Malibu Wines April 12, 2014
  • Meet our 2 musically gifted LIONSHARES volunteers, Ryan the trumpeter and Chap the guitarist! The two of them formed Chap Sven in 2013 and LIONSHARES has been privileged to have them perform live music at our volunteer events.

  • Chap Sven provided live music at the Malibu Wines on April 12th and did their part in promoting the LIONSHARES organization.

  • A large number of LIONSHARES volunteers attended the event to show their support for Chap Sven.

  • The full band poses for a picture after providing the audience with contemporary folk music and memories.

Animal Adoption Fair April 11, 2014
  • LIONSHARES hosts its 2nd Animal Adoption Fair, partnering with multiple organizations to assist with the adoption of animals.

  • To ensure that LIONSAHRES is continuing support to our local groups, non-profit rescue groups were invited on-site to bring some of their animals that are up for adoption.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers arrive at the fair, eager to meet some of the many adoptable dogs and cats at the Animal Adoption Fair.

  • These puppies perk up at the sight of their new friends, the LIONSHARES volunteers.

  • Two LIONSHARES volunteers are all smiles as they take turns petting their new furry friend.

  • Another pair of LIONSHARES volunteers pose for the camera with their new friends.

  • A puppy takes a LIONSHARES volunteer for a walk around the fair.

MPTF Reel Stories, Real Lives April 5, 2014
  • LIONSHARES was proud to volunteer at the MPTF's 3rd annual "Reel Stories, Real Lives" event, a unique evening of powerful reading which told the stories of industry members and their families who have benefitted from MPTF's services in recent years.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers were honored to be present at the event, and look forward to continue supporting the MPTF in their endeavors to provide support for fellow industry members in times of need.

American Red Cross Month March 2014
  • Lionsgate is proud to have been presented with a plaque in honor of the Company's commitment to Red Cross Month.

  • Offering a variety of events that range from blood drives to lunch & learns about preparedness, Lionsgate embraced social wellness and celebrated the organization that has provided multiple services to the country for more than 130 years.

MPTF Valentine's Day Volunteer Event February 8, 2014
  • LIONSHARES was proud to partner with the Motion Picture & Television Fund and lend a helping hand to former industry members. LIONSHARES volunteers helped run Activity Tables and thought of creative ideas for Valentine making.

  • A LIONSHARES volunteer poses with Dave Asplund, the SVP and COO at MPTF. MPTF has been helping Hollywood take care of its own for over 90 years by continuously evolving to meet their health and human services needs.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers thought of creative arts and crafts type activities and led a time of Valentine making with the residents at the MPTF.

  • LIONSHARES musicians played classic love songs to provide the residents of MPTF with the perfect ambiance during the Valentine's Day-themed festivities.

  • A LIONSHARES volunteer brings a resident of MPTF up to speed on how much technology has changed in the last few years.

  • Residents of MPTF and LIONSHARES volunteers share words of wisdom from different generations.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers pose for a group shot, happy to help serve the entertainment community and make new friends in the process.

Greening Initiative: Aluminum Water Bottle Distro January 2014
  • LIONSHARES is proud to begin its Greening Initiative by discontinuing the use of plastic water bottles and distributing aluminum water bottles to all employees.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers are all smiles as they begin the distribution process. LIONSHARES looks forward to lower the number of plastic water bottles used per year, reduce waste, and promote environmental awareness through its Greening Initiative.

Children's Hospital Los Angeles Partnership 2013
  • LIONSHARES has partnered with the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA) during the Holiday Season to assist with their annual toy drive, gift wrapping, and general holiday needs.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers come together to call CHLA families to gather information about their holiday needs. Each year, more than 96,000 sick children come to the hospital for care.

  • Bins have been placed at the Lionsgate office to begin receiving new and unwrapped toys, books, and clothes.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers visit the Children's Hospital to wrap and distribute toys to the children.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers also participated in constructing and decorating the CHLA North Pole experience for the children to tour on the days leading up to Christmas.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers pose for a picture in front of Santa's House, helping spread the holiday cheer to all the children.

United Friends of the Children Holiday Party December 7, 2013
  • LIONSHARES was proud to partner with the United Friends of the Children by donating DVDs to fulfill the wish lists of kids ages 4-23.

  • The youth were extremely excited to watch and re-watch THE HUNGER GAMES this holiday season.

  • A big thank you was given to LIONSHARES for their generous donation of DVDs.

TOMS Wear Your Values to Work December 5, 2013
  • TOMS has taken the newest Holiday shoe and eyewear styles on the road exclusively to companies who support them and celebrate giving.

  • For every pair of shoes and glasses bought, TOMS respectively donates a pair of shoes and sight-saving surgery to children in need in over 60 countries.

  • TOMS has given 10 million pairs of shoes to and restored the sight of 150,000 children in need all over the world.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers were proud to partner with TOMS One for One™ Movement and browse their new styles in the pop-up store area at the office.

Children's Lifesaving Foundation November 2013
  • LIONSHARES returns to the House of Blues in West Hollywood to help feed the homeless for the Children's Lifesaving Foundation.

  • The quiet before the storm; the House of Blues prepares for the upcoming feast where guests would begin to hear beautiful gospel music and engage one another in conversation.

  • The Children's Lifesaving Foundation invites over 1000 homeless from shelters all over Los Angeles to attend its annual Thanksgiving event.

  • Tons of planning and preparation go into providing a delicious meal for the homeless and an amazing Volunteer Experience.

  • A LIONSHARES volunteer demonstrates the art of perfectly balancing a tray full of drinks as he serves guests at the feast.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers pose for a picture, happy to be back at the House of Blues and working the Foundation's 20th annual event.

Dream Halloween October 26, 2013
  • LIONSHARES volunteers return to the Barker Hangar for another spooky fun night at the 20th Annual Dream Halloween hosted by the Keep A Child Alive Foundation.

  • The Keep A Child Alive Foundation is an organization that has been supporting children affected by HIV in Africa and India since its inception in Kenya in 2002.

  • A LIONSHARES volunteer participates in arts and crafts with guests at Dream Halloween Los Angeles.

  • Even after 20 years, volunteers at Dream Halloween Los Angeles continue to outdo themselves with outstanding sets and performances for the night's guests.

  • The performances were a perfect mix of scary and fun for the whole family.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers were pleasantly surprised by the arrival of a caped crusader's vehicle at Dream Halloween Los Angeles.

  • Since some costumes were more elaborate than others, volunteers were constantly able to keep themselves busy when working at Dream Halloween.

  • Kids eagerly lined up to spin the wheel (instead of the bottle) at the Coca-Cola booth to win special prizes.

  • A LIONSHARES volunteer smiles for the camera, happy to support the Keep A Child Alive foundation and make a difference in the world.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers got to see all sorts of guests when they volunteered at Dream Halloween Los Angeles.

  • Dream Halloween Los Angeles has raised $16.2 million since 1994 to support children affected by HIV in Africa and India and shows no signs of slowing down.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers joined more than 25,000 walkers in the 29th Annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles, which raised over $2.5 Million.

  • AIDS Walk Los Angeles has raised more than $77 million for HIV programs and services throughout Los Angeles County since its inception in 1985.

  • After completing a 10K route, LIONSHARES volunteers are joined by enthusiastic participants at the finish line.

Coastal Cleanup Day September 21, 2013
  • LIONSHARES volunteers arrive at Santa Monica beach Saturday morning to participate in Coastal Cleanup Day, one of the largest volunteer days on the planet.

  • More than 11,000 volunteers helped clean over 32 miles of local beaches, inland waterways, regional parks and city neighborhoods at 50 cleanup sites.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers share a look of awe at the item of trash they just picked up off the beach.

  • 3 hands are better than one! One volunteer picks up the trash, one holds the trash pail, and one records what item of trash was found.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers all smiles after a hard day of purifying our ocean. Over 24,000 pounds of trash were removed on Coastal Cleanup Day 2013!

Animal Adoption Fair August 16, 2013
  • LIONSHARES volunteers gather around to meet some of the many adoptable dogs and cats at the Amanda Foundation Adoption Fair. The Amanda Foundation was founded in 1976 and has since placed thousands of homeless animals.

  • A LIONSHARES volunteer is all smiles after getting acquainted with her new furry friend.

  • Two puppies rest up after the excitement of meeting new friends at the Amanda Foundation Adoption Fair.

Impact Day June 14, 2013
  • LIONSHARES volunteers fill the Tiato dining room as they enjoy a complimentary breakfast before heading out to their work sites. More than 400 Lionsgate employees fanned out to 13 locations in the Los Angeles community for a day of volunteerism.

  • At McKinley Elementary School in Santa Monica, LIONSHARES volunteers were assigned various activities, including painting a mural and gardening.

  • Volunteers fill several boxes with corn to make sure these high quality products get donated to those in need.

  • Two LIONSHARES volunteers perform for patrons of Sunrise Adult Living. Volunteers also enjoyed spending time with the center's Alzheimer patients.

  • Motion Picture Group Co-Chairmen Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger admire the superb technique of the junior golfers at Lionsgate’s inaugural Impact Day with the Santa Monica Boys & Girls Club.

  • LIONSHARES partnered up with Friends of Ballona Wetlands, an organization that has been protecting and restoring the Ballona Wetlands for over 35 years.

  • The theme of the day was "Music," so volunteers were able to bring their instruments to play for the crowd.

  • The mural at McKinley Elementary School was designed to encourage students to "Be a McKinley Upstander."

  • LIONSHARE volunteers hard at work painting the pillars of McKinley Elementary School. Each pillar represented one of the "Six Pillars of Character."

  • The "Six Pillars of Character" are Responsibility, Fairness, Trustworthiness, Citizenship, Caring and Respect.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers were assigned to clear away brush, pick up trash, and plant new trees at the Ballona Wetlands.

  • Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer painting the "Trustworthy" pillar at McKinley Elementary School as part of Lionsgate’s first Impact Day.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers shucking and packing donated corn at the Westside Food Bank as part of Lionsgate's inaugural Impact Day.

  • This is not the first time LIONSHARES has volunteered with the Westside Food Bank. Several LIONSHARE volunteers attended their annual Hunger Walk in October 2012.

  • Volunteers are all smiles as they spend the day away from their desks and hard at work at the Westside Food Bank.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers were also assigned to sort canned food and fruit to be donated to families in need.

  • The Westside Food Bank LIONSHARES crew, elated about the success of their first Impact Day.

  • A large team of LIONSHARES volunteers worked with the Heal the Bay organization on Santa Monica beach.

  • Volunteers inspect the Ballona Wetlands after their hard labor is complete.

  • Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer, Motion Picture Group Co-Chair Rob Friedman and Vice Chairman Michael Burns at Boys & Girls Club of Santa Monica as part of Lionsgate’s first Impact Day.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers play ball with members of the Boys & Girls Club on Lionsgate’s first Impact Day.

  • A LIONSHARES volunteer plays carnival games with children at Boys & Girls Club of Santa Monica.

  • A LIONSHARES volunteer helps a Boys & Girls Club member find the perfect sticker. The Santa Monica Boys and Girls Club has aided more than 150,000 youth in the LA area since 1946.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers were assigned to coordinate the Boys & Girls Club's "Beginning of Summer" carnival and spend time with the children as they stopped in at educational stations.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers played a variety of carnival games with the Boys & Girls Club on Impact Day. The Santa Monica Boys & Girls Club strives to inspire its youth to achieve academic success and promote good character and citizenship

  • The event allowed volunteers to spend valuable one-on-one time with children of the Los Angeles community.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers bond over slushies at the Boys & Girls Club carnival.

  • Volunteers did beach cleanup, collecting over 81 pounds of litter to ensure cleanliness for LA beachgoers.

  • A LIONSHARES volunteer cuddles up with two puppies at the Amanda Foundation. The organization has volunteers who give the shy and mistreated orphans special attention.

  • This tired puppy takes a nap in the lap of one of our volunteers, exhausted from all the excitement of Impact Day.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers were assigned duties such as walking dogs, tending to cats, and cleaning cages.

  • Volunteers say goodbye to their new furry friends. LIONSHARES was proud to work with the Amanda Foundation, an organization that believes every animal deserves a second chance.

  • The Amanda Foundation LIONSHARES crew, elated after a wonderful volunteer experience

  • LIONSHARES volunteers worked with St. Joseph’s homeless service, the Bread and Roses Café. Each day, the café serves over 150 homeless men, women and children, replacing the traditional soup line with a complete restaurant experience.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers helped out at Couer d’Alene Elementary School in Venice on Lionsgate’s inaugural Impact Day.

  • Volunteers were assigned beautification projects such as painting, gardening and cleaning up classrooms.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers cleaning the classroom floors at Couer d’Alene Elementary on Impact Day.

  • A volunteer paints cabinets at the elementary school, which challenges its students to become lifelong learners.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers are all smiles after an amazing time helping out at Couer d’Alene Elementary School.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers helped out with the international nonprofit organization, Habitat for Humanity, on Lionsgate’s first Impact Day.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers paint siding at the Habitat for Humanity site on Impact day. Today, Habitat for Humanity has helped to build or repair over 600,000 houses.

  • Volunteers clean a rusted gate at the work site on Impact Day with Habitat for Humanity, an organization that has serviced more than 3 million people around the world.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers stay cool in the shade while sanding down and sawing wood for the Habitat for Humanity house.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers helped out at the Mattel Children’s Hospital for Lionsgate’s Inaugural “Impact Day.” Volunteers were assigned various tasks such as screening a film for the children, and helping the hospital staff to organize their common areas.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers ready for a day of service at the OPCC, a network of shelters and services for low-income and homeless youth, adults and families, battered women and their children, and those living with mental illness.

  • Volunteers were assigned to spend time with the homeless guests and serve them lunch. Each year, OPCC serves more than 8000 individuals, 85% of whom are homeless.

  • While on site, LIONSHARES volunteers were able to learn more about OPCC and its mission. OPCC’s aim is to empower people to rebuild their lives.

  • Volunteers were assigned tasks such as clearing away brush, picking up trash and spreading out mulch at Westchester Park in Los Angeles.

  • After a rewarding day of charity and hard work, LIONSHARES volunteers reunited to celebrate the success of the first Impact Day with drinks and music.

  • The LIONSHARES committee thanks everyone for a successful first Impact Day, and looks forward for many more to follow in future years.

K.A.M.P. May 2013
  • LIONSHARES volunteers at the Hammer Museum's 4th Annual "K.A.M.P.," the Kids' Art Museum Project. The event took place on May 5th, 2013, and included creative hands-on workshops led by contemporary artists for kids of all ages.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers at the Hammer Museum's 4th Annual "K.A.M.P.," the Kids' Art Museum Project. The event took place on May 5th, 2013, and included creative hands-on workshops led by contemporary artists for kids of all ages.

My Friend's Place April 2013
  • LIONSHARES volunteers pose for a photo while cleaning up the grounds at My Friend's Place, an organization that assists homeless youth in creating self-sufficient lives.

  • Cleaning up litter on the grounds surrounding My Friend's Place.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers at My Friend's Place, a non-profit that offers not only basic needs to homeless youth, but social services and creative outlets as well.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers organizing donated clothes at My Friend's Place.

  • Smiles abound as LIONSHARES volunteers are hard at work.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers organizing clothes at My Friend's Place, an organization that serves over 1700 homeless youth in the greater Los Angeles area.

  • A LIONSHARES volunteer helps organize donated shoes at My Friend's Place.

  • Shoes and clothing, especially in men's large sizes, are the most needed items at My Friend's Place.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers take a break from all the hard work!

  • A LIONSHARES volunteer organizes a closet of baby supplies at My Friend's Place.

  • A LIONSHARES volunteer cleans a children's toy at My Friend's Place. The organization serves over half of the 4000 homeless youth in Los Angeles.

  • A LIONSHARES volunteer disinfects legos and building blocks for homeless youth to play with at My Friend's Place.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers celebrate after a hard day's work.

  • LIONSHARES was thrilled to volunteer at My Friend's Place, an organization whose support for the homeless youth is immeasurable.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers are all smiles after an incredible service experience.

Noodle Bowl Fest February 2013
  • LIONSHARES volunteers pose with the chefs and owners of popular LA restaurant, Seoul Sausage, at the Noodle Bowl Fest.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers enjoyed a day at Noodle Bowl Fest and mingling with the chefs of the Santa Monica Korean noodle restaurant, Whist.

Variety Santa Walk December 2012
  • Hundreds of volunteers gathered at the Westfield Topanga Mall for the 3rd Annual Variety Santa Walk.

  • Dressed head to toe as jolly old St. Nick, LIONSHARES volunteers prepare for their festive walk to support the Variety Children's Center, an organization dedicated to providing lifesaving support for disabled, abused and underprivileged children.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers in the holiday spirit. The Variety Santa Walk's credo is "Be a Claus for a Cause."

Children's Lifesaving Foundation November 2012
  • LIONSHARES volunteers hand out pumpkin pies to the homeless at the LA House of Blues for the Children's Lifesaving Foundation.

  • With full trays and bright smiles, LIONSHARES volunteers enjoyed serving guests a warm Thanksgiving meal.

  • The venue was packed at the Children's Lifesaving Foundation's Thanksgiving Gospel Brunch.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers were happy to work the Foundation's 19th annual event.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers enjoy the festive atmosphere at the House of Blues.

  • The event consisted of a full line-up of gospel music to entertain the guests.

  • As evident by this LIONSHARES volunteer's empty tray, the pumpkin pie was a hit at the Thanksgiving Gospel Brunch!

  • Both diners and volunteers enjoyed the beautiful gospel music at the Children's Lifesaving Foundation's event.

  • The Children's Lifesaving Foundation invites over 1200 homeless from over a dozen Los Angeles shelters and transitional housing facilities to attend its annual Thanksgiving event.

  • Back in the kitchen, LIONSHARES volunteers are all smiles lending a helping hand to those in need.

Hunger Walk November 2012
  • LIONSHARES volunteers supported the Annual Westside Food Bank Hunger Walk, the kick-off to their holiday food drive.

  • With their dogs in tow, LIONSHARES volunteers enjoyed walking to raise awareness about local hunger in the Los Angeles community.

Dream Halloween October 2012
  • LIONSHARES volunteers are ready for a spooky fun night at the 19th Annual Dream Halloween hosted by the Keep a Child Alive Foundation.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers were thrilled to support the Keep a Child Alive Foundation, an organization that supports children affected by HIV in Africa and India.

  • Tickets cost $250, and LIONSHARES was able to sponser two children to attend the magical Halloween event.

  • LIONSHARES volunteers pose with a spooky guest at the Dream Halloween event. Hosted by Keep a Child Alive, the event has raised 16.2 million dollars over 19 years.